Summertime in Ibiza

I didn't really have so many expectations of Ibiza prior to this trip. I knew about the party culture but not much else. We found out that this island has so much more to offer than its reputation precedes. 


On our first day we went to see the smaller island south of Ibiza called Formentera. We rented a vespa for a day and went on exploring! The island is super small, so a vespa is really convenient for getting around. Both of us were really impressed with Formentera! The color of the water is just insane there! So clear cerulean blue water. I would definitely recommend to take the time to explore Formentera. It has a lot of really nice beaches and hidden gems.

Experiencing the other side of Ibiza

Even though we didn't go to Ibiza for the party we wanted to see what its about so we went one evening to see David Guetta in Ushuaia. Ushuaia is a day club which starts at some time around 5 pm and ends at midnight. Me and my girlfriend are fans of electronic music so we were excited to say the least! The concert was an amazing experience, however we didn't continue on to the nightlife because we wanted to get up early the next day to see the other side of Ibiza.

People say that all the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca & Menorca) have a different vibe. The vibe of Ibiza is very relaxed hippie vibe. They have hippie markets all over the island to buy artesan jewelry, souvenirs, art and clothing. Theres events like on Sundays on a beach called Cala Benirras people gather to play drums and dance until the sunset. Everywhere you go a part of the two main cities Sant Antoni (we didn't visit) and Ibiza town, theres a really relaxed atmosphere. 

Magical sunsets

The sunsets in the Balearic Islands are something else! Every evening we had planned a place to go to watch the sun disappear behind the horizon. Its like a photographers dream, the light followed by the colors of the sky. My favorite place to see the sunset was the lookout point looking to the island of Es Vedra. Its probably the most typical but the setting is just awesome. People gathering there with friends to watch the sunset, having picnic, taking photos and enjoying the evening sun overlooking to the over 400 meter high rock formations in the sea. Theres a legend that Es Vedra is the third most magnetic place in the world after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle. Even though it hasn't been proven some say that navigational instruments are affected near it. Go figure! Maybe that kind of mystery makes people gather close to it.

On our last day we had only half a day so we decided make the most of it and get up early and go watch the sunrise on a beach called Aigua Blanca in the east of Ibiza. This was the highlight of the trip! The colors of the sky just before the sunrise were just unreal. I've never seen that kind of a sight. We had the beach basically to ourselves a part of a few joggers, a cafe owner setting up for the day and one person meditating. We watched the sun rise listening the small waves crash to the beach and by the time I felt like I had gotten enough photos I put the camera down and we went for a swim in the warm mediterranean. It was so peaceful!


Hope you enjoy the photos!


must do things in Ibiza

  • Sunrise in Aigua Blanca
  • A day in Formentera
  • Lunch at Blue Bar in Formentera
  • Cala d'Hort
  • Sunset overlooking Es Vedra


Thanks for reading!