Street view - New York City

Street view is a series of photos captured from cities around the world. This is the New York city edition.

I got commissioned for a week long trip to New York by client filming a video for them. My main job was to film the video, but I also took bunch of photos during the week. There’s plenty of things to shoot in NYC and million ways to make a photo series. This is what I got during the time I had in NYC among filming the video.

Hope you enjoy!

New York-blog-8.jpg
New York-blog-3.jpg
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New York-blog-1.jpg
New York-blog-4.jpg
New York-blog-15.jpg
New York-blog-16.jpg
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New York-blog-17.jpg
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New York-blog-19.jpg
New York-blog-18.jpg
New York-blog-20.jpg
New York-blog-13.jpg