Exploring Asturias

Me and my girlfriend got to spent some time of our summer holiday in Asturias (where she is from). Even though I've been there quite many times already it still ceases to amaze me how beautiful this place is! From the mountains with fresh water lakes formed from glacial abrasion to the beautiful coastline with amazing hidden beaches what you just have to know where they are to get there. My girlfriend brings me to new amazing places every time and it leaves me, a kid from Finland, just frothing for excitement. 

The north of Spain is completely different from the south and honestly I like more the north. With all the touristy stuff going on in the south and the major cities Spain is not known having this kind of mountains and nature. Its probably one of the reasons why Asturias feels like a secret paradise that not a lot of people know let alone visit. 

Always when I go through photos from there I get why they call it a natural paradise. It really is.

Hope you enjoy the photos!