Bulnes - Village in the mountains

Bulnes in Asturias, Spain is a small village located in the mountains in the national park of Picos De Europa. Picos De Europa is a mountain range in the north of Spain, the origin of the name comes from them being the first sight of Europe for ships coming from the America. 

Bulnes is not accessible by road. You have to take a tunnel funicular, which is like a tram going inside the mountain. During summer its popular among tourists and hikers. Bulnes only has a few cafes but the actual perks why its so attractive is the remote location, hiking trails and the peaceful ambience of the mountains.

According to Wikipedia it has a population of 34 but we went there during the winter and saw, in addition to another tourist group, one guy with two dogs, some chicken and cows. One thing i really enjoyed that you're there completely shut out of the rest of the world and surrounded by the amazing nature.

Here's a set of photos from the trip! 

- Pekkelsson