3 Days in Budapest

I spent 3 days in Budapest with my family for the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix and also got to explore this beautiful city. The Formula 1 was definitely a bucket list type of experience. Really amazing! If you're into fast cars and big events its worth of checking out because the Formula 1 weekend is much more than just cars going fast around the track.

Even though we spent most of our days in the Formula track, my younger brother and me got up every day before 7 and went to explore the city. He's quite early into his photography so he has a lot of excitement and it was fun to go exploring with him. Budapest surprised me in a positive way. Although it had been under the control of soviet union for around 40 years, occupied by Germany in 1944 among other events Budapest's long a colorful history that dates back to the Roman era was very visible in the city. 

Things that I liked about Budapest:

  • Beautiful architecture, good mix of old with new
  • Helpful people who spoke relatively good english
  • Cheap prices
  • A lot of things to do and see
  • Margaret Island (A big park on a separate island in Danube)
  • Great market hall "Nagycsarnok"
  • Budapest is divided into two main areas by the Danube river "Buda" and "Pest" (I didn't know that before!)